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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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we have met with the individuals that are part of the study and talked about making adjustments. we expect to see those permits within a few weeks, we help. we will be interested in the feedback from the sigel -- single occupancy cells, as well as be able to tell how they are operating in order to best build on that success. and the taxi consultant the study determines whether or not we even need more taxicabs. we all know there is quite a lot of taxi demand during certain times. they can work those times without increasing the competition at times where currently taxi drivers have a
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hard time, let's take a monday afternoon or something -- let's say, a monday afternoon or something. and the third strategic plan goal is including the quality of life vehicle. for that, we are continuing to pursue the electric vehicle. one of the things we're trying to implement is a measure of accountability there are about 31 taxi companies currently. in addition, there are 10 dispatch companies.
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the history of tax deregulation in san francisco, there has not been a tremendous amount of attention spent on those companies specifically. there's a lot of regulation to address the vehicles, and not so much regulation as to how to make those companies -- in-line there will be a conference june 26th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the subject of standards. and carry nat ford -- carrying that forward to july, is there
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that we can measure how successful our companies are at putting people into taxis. we are trying to spend a lot of attention on making sure those are objectives and formulas that are active and not just how many calls there are that come into the table, but what percentage of the time that someone actually get into a taxi as a result of that call. there are a lot of things happening in taxi services, but those are the highlights that touch on service. if you have any questions, i would be happy to address those. >> thank you. i know there was some work to try to make sure that there is some level of improved cab service around the west side,
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for example. i am wondering what effort has been made. it is a challenge. >> one of the approaches to that has been discussed in the context of the electronic application. at the last meeting i also expressed a desire to see more of -- the technology is there to see the taxis in real time and to increase the ability of the taxi customer and the taxi driver to communicate among themselves. in order to visit would take those two parties coming together. one of the things we can do in the neighborhoods is to allow that application, whenever it is. we want to see this application one way or another. we are starting to engage the
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technology community whoever builds it, one of the features that could really help this situation is when the customers put in their credit-card information in their prepaid device so that the taxi driver will know that there is a person at the other end. one of the problems is that the taxi driver does not have a lot of confidence that the customer will be there, and the customer does not have a lot of confidence that the tax he will arrive. these are two people that very much want to be together, but do not have the confidence to make that happen. if we can increase the confidence, it will help. gregg's -- >> right now, they do not take the -- it is not just a
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matter of where are all of my taxis today. >> i appreciate the update. good to know that there's a lot of thinking about how to improve that dispatch system. one question that i have actually had has to do with the edge of the city where it is extremely hard to get cab
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service. and you have cabs right over the border with l.a. city. have we given any thought to partnering with delhi city? rex that is absolutely correct and we had a town hall meeting -- >> that is absolutely correct and we had a town hall meeting on that subject. it is not always a popular thing among taxi drivers because no one likes increased competition. but even if the driver is going to be in that relatively remote location, economically, that is challenging. we need to talk about chairing that area with the daly city taxis. i think as long as we require
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electronic gps record keeping, then we can force the the up and drop-off locations. >> it seems like we have challenged the various aspects of getting a cab, but dispatch seems to be a particular problem. particularly during certain times of day or during the week. when we have services that enhance capacity, and we have an eventual increase in the number of cabs. for example, whether it is working with daly city or over cabs or other regular services that use this dispatch, that is a productive thing.
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crags keep in mind with the southern part of the city, it is not -- >> keep in mind with the southern part of the city, am i correct that part of the city is strictly an economic equation? to go out to that part of the city is a difficult economic choice. we need to figure out how to make it work with -- between the people and drivers. imports right, and that is why having an option, like the deadly city or other dispatch services, they are demonstrating that they are more flexible in where they will go. doing the airport running is the way to go for some people. the for some people, staying in
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the city is the way to go. having supplemental services is different. >> it is not a question of whether the driver is isolating themselves into the downtown area or isolating themselves into the airport. some of the best taxi drivers i know are actually willing to give up a little of their central revenue to pick up a regular into one of the downtown neighborhoods. some of them will say that is just a little too long to make it worth our while. >> colleagues, any other comments? i have two public comment cards. if there is anyone else that would like to do public comment, please come on up.
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>> poses an extremely dangerous threat. two taxi services in san francisco. up until now, they have been providing services through luxury vehicles and they charge
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a premium price compared to a taxi. they have a plan to flood the streets. people who have been to a meeting said that they have been talking about putting 1500 vehicles on the seats. these would be the kinds of vehicles that we use for taxis. they would charge a price that would be about 20% higher than a taxi. they have made it very clear through statements that they see their market as the taxi market. the state has an open entry system for these kinds of vehicles. you cannot have a regulatory system through the city that controls the number of cabs and
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controls the industry for the purposes of safety and so forth in competition with an open entry system. it does not work. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been living in san francisco for 20 years. i have been driving a cab for 23 years. supervisors, there is a demand for more taxi, but only at the peak times. the only times we should go forward adding more peak times. those medallions should only be issued to qualified drivers. if we don't get a cab in teh
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southern part of the city we will invite the city cab. if we don't get a cab in the marina, will you invite them to work here? that is not the answer. if you don't get a cab at the airport, do you go to the peninsula? the only way to do it is lower the gate fee. it is very high in the city. they are very soon going to take over the city. you can put 1000 more cabas on
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the street. if people know that they can get a cab and the price is cheap, they will get a taxi cab. i think that is also wrong. i think my time is up. >> thank you very much. are there any members of the public who wish to comment? may we close public comment? i want to thank you and members of the public to testify. it is true, if you have a regulated system and an open entry system those are two different system. competition can be perceived as unfair to those in the regulated system. the only reason that uber and
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similar services have been able to do well and get traction is because for so many years we have so dramatically restricted cab supply in the city is that people feel like they cannot get a cab. it is more expensive. i believe if we provide more cab service and consistent enough cab service, there is no reason to take an alternative service. we have not done that. i am hoping we will move in that direction. our regulated cab system should be the dominant cab system in the city. if there are no other comments, i want to thank him for
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presenting today. i would like to continue this until the next quarterly report. >> let's do that without objection. thank you. is there any other business before us? thank you so much. meeting adjourned.
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>> good afternoon. i'd like to call the meeting of the public utilities commission to order. >would you call the role? -- roll? >> thank you. commissioners, we have minutes from the june 12 meeting. do i have any comments? >> i would like to move the minutes. >> moved and seconded. the motion carries. public comment, this is the
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point where members of the public can address the commission the not part of today's agenda. >> commissioners, i want to congratulate you on doing a first-class job with 525 golden gate. that is what you call living legacy. thinking outside the box. doing all of san franciscans proud. i was not there for the entire event, but i was there to teach -- hear each one speak and to
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see who was in attendance. and listen to the comments of the engineers and all of the key people that played an important role in establishing that institution. i did send an e-mail to some of the key people in writing because they did a lot. i am looking forward to some bright days in the future. i got to speak with the general manager a little bit.
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what happens with big infrastructure programs, at a happen in a vacuum. we need leadership and we need continuity. we have people in this room who have been connected with sfpuc and with the water department for a long time. we have some institutions are right in this room. some of your commissioners and some in the audience. that is good for san francisco because we work together on the water system improvement project and now it is coming to an end. we are going to start with a
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sewer system improvement project. we can apply all of our experiences, all of the models that we use and had benefited san franciscans. we can apply them to the sewer system improvement project. i have been coming here from time to time. we will also be talking benefits to the community. thank you very much. president moran: ms. jackson? >> good afternoon. i came today because i want to talk about the southeast community college. i note is not on your agenda, but i wish that you will put it on your next agenda. there was supposed to be a plan that we have not agreed upon, as
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of yet. i would like your staff to come to a meeting on this friday at 1:00 so that we can finalize the plan for what we, the community, want to see at the college. i also would like to say that there has been a lot of discussion about hospitals being built in san francisco around bayview. we have mission bay. i am glad that he mentioned the sewage plant. i think it was two years ago, i came before you and said now we can start working on the building of this sewage plant. what i really want you to do is
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to set aside the funding that was stated to us in the community six months ago for the rebuilt of the southeast college. we're going to have class starting in september. we do not have much time. i would like to see the work started as quickly as possible so that way, we will not have a lot of in and out movement at the community college. everything is going fine, and people are saying they do not think that puc is going to do x- y-z. the community has to support. when i read about you may be leaving in august, i got a little scared. a little frightened. i thought you were going to be here until december. the commission voted to keep you until december. i knew that he would make sure
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that everything over there at the southeast sector would be taken care of. we have been waiting 50 years for things to happen for the city, promises that have been made to us. i do not want to see this happen and we have to wait for another 50 years. thank you very much. you'll have a blessed day. president moran: thank you, miss jackson. i would like to hear from staff at the earliest opportunity in response to ms. jackson's question. i would like to figure out how soon we can put something on the calendar. >> we would be happy to do that, commissioner. in terms of the discussion, at
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that will be part of the discussion on the tent. that is a big part of that day, set aside for the source systems improvement program. -- sewer system improvement program. >> i think we have to find out from city college. there is quite the turmoil going on there. would this be one of the campus's they might be closing? am i not supposed to talk about that? >> they have difficulties, but they are committed to the southeast campus. >> we have us a dean. we have not had a dean and quite a while. he is the dean. we will not have two deans over there. we are working it, baby. southeast will be open, they are
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committed to the college. you do not have to worry about that. i am not all of the trustees' meetings to make sure business is being taken care of. >> knowing that you are around, there would be no doubt in my mind. president moran: any other public comment? i do have their request to acknowledge that we have received two pieces of correspondence regarding watershed security. we have received those. commissioners? nothing else? moving on to communications. advanced calendar, any questions? comments? >> i have a comment on the advanced calendar. outstanding commission question response report.
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i have had this question on the books for quite some time, maybe even years. that is the fair market value of our property. could i have a more definite answer to this, as opposed to as soon as possible? >> yes, you can have an answer to that. at the next meeting, if that is possible. we have been going through a change in staffing. we will have several new staffs in the next several weeks that will make a difference in our ability to respond. >> thank you. president moran: with respect to the program, i just wanted to make a comment that we have had a couple of things going on where there is a common theme. the watershed free-market report also included